Boost Pipeline Generation: The missing link in Predictable Revenue

The Problem of the Elusive Pipeline

“My problem is not the forecast for this quarter, but will we have enough Pipeline going into the next quarter?”

So how does one try to boost Pipeline Generation?

“The first step in improvement in any skill is awareness. “

— Edward De Bono

1. Define and Map the entire Lead to Opportunity Journey

2. Create one connected view of the Marketing Funnel and Sales Pipeline

3. Provide systematic, data-based actionable insights and recommendations on how to move Leads closer to an Opportunity

4. Measure the Outcomes to close the loop

An essential indicator of Pipeline Generation Quality is the downstream impact on Pipeline Conversion.

The End Game

“If Pipeline Conversion is not a problem, then Pipeline Generation is a problem, and those answers are not in the Sales Pipeline. They are much before in the top and middle of the funnel; in the Lead-to-Opportunity journey”.



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